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Reviews From Clients

"Fifi's color-saturated canvases delight the eye with warmth and emotion. Her work can be bold or soft, larger-than life or detailed, and always original. What a pleasure it is to have several of her paintings grace the walls of our home." ~ Liz Curtis Higgs, Best Selling Author



"Fifi's paintings have a luminous quality, an aliveness that shines out of the canvas. Her paintings capture the spirit of her subjects. They  are more the portraits of souls than people. And her florals and landscapes capture the breathtaking beauty of the rural landscape." ~ Nine Hammond, Former Editor, Southeast Outlook newspaper



"Fifi does splendid work that's incredibly moving. Her eyes and her heart are clearly open." 

~ Terry Meiners, WHAS Radio Personality



"We have several of Fifi's paintings in our home and office. Our first purchase was a portrait of our children and we were and still are, amazed at the way she caught their personalities and life-like images on paper. Whether a still life, landscape, or portrait, Fifi's art speaks to the spirit."

~ Rhonda Jo and Jimmy Dan Conner



"The portrait of our three children is superb! Fifi captured a true likeness of each one, and created a composition that is full of vitality, beauty and personlity. It's a lovely painting that I'm sure we will enjoy for many years to come." ~ Gena and Doug Cobb




"When I first saw the portrait Fifi LeFan had painted of our daughter Ashley, I cried because it looked so real. It was uncanny the way Fifi had magically captured the essence on her face! Fifi used actual fabrics and furniture in our home that added to the sentimentality of the painting. We highly recommend Fifi LeFan as one of Kentucky's finest portrait artists."  ~ Wendy and David Novak, CEO, YUM brands



"Fifi captures the spirit of the individual in her paintings. She paints what she feels and produces works of art that you can relate to with your heart. If we ever had a house fire, Fifi's painting of our children would be the first things out, (after the children, of course!)"  ~ Kathy and Kent Oyler



"I am amazed at Fifi's gift of capturing the very essence of my daughter's personality and mannerisms on canvas. Her portraits are not just beautiful and high qulaity-they are real. You can feel Fifi's heart as well as see her talent."  ~ Greg Allen, Southeast Christian Church Worship Leader



"My nine year old daughter said it best...'Fifi is a REAL artist!' Fifi takes a carefully selected photograph and makes it come to life! Her portraits become beautiful, lifelike paintings, but not without hours of labor to ensure perfection to every little detail. Fifi's watercolor and oil paintings are amazing! The fruit looks as if you could bite into it and the sheep as if you could feel their soft wooly fur. Knowing Fifi allows me to understand that the 'REAL' in her artwork flows from her love of God and the deep appreciation for the beauty of the world He created. Fifi's excitement over the white fluffy clouds on a spring day, delight in a soft winter snow, and awe of the new baby lambs grazing in a meadow, make apparent the real secret of her success. What a privilege to call this 'REAL' artist my friend, and what an honor to hang these treasured works of art in our home." 

~ Laurie Allen




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